location_onTel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel
person51-200 עובדים
attach_moneyסה״כ גיוסים $310M
Eko is a technology company that’s building a limitless platform for creating and publishing interactive, choice-driven and shoppable video experiences. We empower creators to deliver seamless, live-action interactive video experiences through a world-class creative suite, eko Studio, and a highly sophisticated, feature-packed video player. From commerce-connected creative to choice-driven narrative worlds, we enable our platform users to build experiences that engage their audiences more deeply and convert them more effectively. We collaborate with the world's most exciting and innovative talent, marketers, brands, and creatives to bring our patented technology to millions of viewers, who can now drive, personalize, and affect the outcomes of their journeys and enjoy experiences that are truly shaped by their choice. We are building a commerce solution suite that currently consists of Discovery Engines, Try & Buys and Inspiration Hubs.

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