location_onHaBarzel St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
person11-50 עובדים
attach_moneyסה״כ גיוסים $40M
Eko is an interactive storytelling platform that lets viewers shape stories as they are told. Our core tech allows dynamic video and audio streams generation on the fly. Eko is growing an end-to-end ecosystem of engaged viewers, forward-thinking creators, and innovative brands. Our platform enables the creation and distribution of streaming interactive media by offering a web-based authoring tool, a widely-syndicated player and integration with a variety of distribution outlets. To lead the next big media revolution, we are cooperating with creators and production companies to create premium serialized interactive content and working with the world’s leading media companies, including MGM, Sony Entertainment and Warner Music Group. The R&D team is small but tenacious, working together in a fun (and sometimes a little crazy) work environment. Passion for technology, creative thought, independence and a sense of humor are valued qualities

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