location_onDerech Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
person11-50 עובדים
attach_moneyסה״כ גיוסים $15M
Ultimately what makes us tick is saving lives. Nucleai is an AI Healthcare startup in pathology domain. Our mission, profession, and passion are to improve cancer diagnostics making it accurate, effective, accessible and efficient in order to treat patients better. We are critical for the development of new novel treatments. We're using the tools we master - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Machine Vision. We work with physicians and for physicians. We work with physicians and for physicians. We believe in an hard teamwork of bright and devoted people that constantly improve as individuals and as a company. Nucleai was founded by highly experienced Artificial Intelligence experts, who previously led an AI and Data Science R&D department. Nucleai is supported by leading pathologists in Israel and the US.

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