Tactile mobility

location_onDerech HaAtsma'ut, Haifa, Israel
person11-50 עובדים
Founded in 2011 and backed by international large investors, Tactile mobility develops and commercializes innovative and groundbreaking technology products that enable real time, high accuracy, monitoring of the Vehicle Dynamics and Road Conditions. The solution uses the sensors in the vehicle and provides very accurate data, calculated using our patented package of analytics and deep learning. Tactile mobility provides information regarding road grades, grip level, fuel consumption, driver performance, vehicle health and efficiency and much more. The information is available in real time and also stored onboard and in the cloud utilizing crowd sourcing and sharing. The solution is provided to OEMs (BMW, VW, GM, Ford and others), Aftermarket Fleet Management and Mapping companies. Following massive market traction, including numerous deployments in Germany, US, Mexico and more, Tactile mobility is currently growing and looking for best-in-class engineers for further development o

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