location_onYigal Alon St 94, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
person51-200 עובדים
attach_moneyסה״כ גיוסים $34M
Who we are? Founded in 2016, We’ve grown from a trio of co-founders to a team of sixty people and counting. We’ve moved to a brand new office in the heart of Tel Aviv, with two additional offices in Kiev and in New York City. We’ve grown our customer base to over one hundred happy clients, and we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue. What we do? We help make organizations smarter, using our innovative AI transcription and captioning technology. Why should an organization compromise on best-in-class speed or accuracy? We give the best of both, for the lowest cost. We’re a smart team but we’re not arrogant. We’re always innovative, but never unrealistic. We can be serious, but we’re never bland. We’re go-getters but we aren’t aggressive. We’re on a mission to be disruptive, but never destructive.

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